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About Cna 2 Nurse 4 all
Founded in 2013, Cna 2 Nurse 4 all mission and purpose is to assist CNA's in the Los Angeles county area and surrounding area, to become LVN's without the extensive schooling and loans of traditional programs. With our proven program, if you might the requirements, you can become a LVN guarenteed!!​

Cna 2 Nurse 4 all has a money back guarentee!! We guarentee we can get you qualified to take the LVN STATE BOARD EXAM!! Its up to you to pass however! We have several referral companies we can send you to prepare for the exam. 
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Step 1:              Sign Up with CNA2NURSE ($50                           down)

Step 2:              Start application with the Board                           of 
                          Vocational Nursing (cost $150)

Step 3:              Start online course

Step 4:              Complete exp. verification 

Step 5:              Complete Pharmacology course                               (cost $500-$1800)

Step 6:              Complete all paperwork for                                   board 

Step 7:             Complete Fingerprints/Livescan                   (cost$100-$140)

Step 8:              Take Nclex and PASS!!

Step 9:              Get Licensed
Lets get you started with the 9 steps to success!!